Rainy Day Toys, an upscale toy store in Madison, Wisconsin, wants to reach its target audience by placing a full page advertisement in Family Circle Magazine for its naturally dyed wooden blocks.


The target audience, according to Meredith: "The Family Circle reader is a busy mom raising tweens and teens. Her top priority and greatest joy is her family. She multi-tasks every day because she is doing it all—from managing her household to being involved in her kids lives and getting dinner on the table. She looks forward to her well-deserved breaks and enjoys taking time for herself." The demographics of the target audience are women, aged 41-48, married homeowners with an income of $72,000-79,000. (source: )


I chose the headline for this conceptual advertisement, "connect," because "the headline can grab attention, inform, and tie together the entire piece" (Lurie, 2014). It ties together with the subhead, the copy, the call to action, and the graphic. Connect can literally mean the blocks connect to each other, or it can mean that the woman and child connect with each other as they play with the blocks. Rainy Day Toys wants children to disconnect from electronics, so it can also imply the brand's message. The clear, immediate call to action is "connect with learn about." "You need to have a very clear, immediate call to action" (Lurie, 2014). The body copy reflects the personality and voice of the brand and appeals to the psychographics of the target audience because it reaches the emotions of the audience. The woman reading the copy may feel guilty about her child's use of electronics, she may feel disconnected from her child, and she may be seeking a way to connect to her child through an authentic play experience. The body copy addresses those concerns and offers a solution to her problem. The body copy also reflects the brands ideal of creativity by saying "...she connects to her creativity."

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