Wrens, Georgia is a small rural agricultural community located in Jefferson County, Georgia. In 2012, the city was faced with a business problem that needed a design solution. The city Administrator needed to brand official city vehicles for the public works department and other city officials. The city also needed to repaint two water towers, with the city logo, but did not have appropriate artwork for the contractor.

The city Administrator had only one version of the city's logo. The artwork he had for the original city logo was small, pixelated, the icons were unclear and unrecognizable, and the text on the logo was unreadable. The colors of the logo were muddled. The artwork was also a raster image and the contractor required a vector image.

The business problem was solved by providing the city with a fresh, modern remake of the old logo provided in a variety of formats, including raster and vector versions, along with a color scheme and font choices to represent the identity of the city in its branding efforts. Three different versions of the logo were provided to the city to fit the application needs of the logo.

The logo used for the city's public works vehicles, a fleet of four trucks, includes the "public works" label or the "public works superintendent" label. Each truck was provided with two 12" magnetic reflective signs that were placed on the truck's driver and passenger doors.

A logo without the public works identification label was provided to the city for a variety of application needs. This logo, along with the water tower logo, can be used on stationery, the website, promotional materials, and other identification needs of the city.

The logo used for the two water towers was modified and does not include the white bar base separating the wording on the logo. The logo is printed on two water towers located within the city.
The new, updated logo offers a modern, bold design that provides versatility and memorability. The new logo retained the original look by utilizing similar design layout, structure, and similar icons.

The typeface chosen for the logo is Times New Roman. While Times New Roman isn't often used in logos or wordmarks, the city Administrator felt this was the best choice to represent the city and to provide accessibility to the font for the city administration.

The new logo is clean, simple, and readable from any size. The icons represent four areas of the city: industry, agriculture, education, and recreation.

The colors of the logo are navy and old gold. After reviewing several choices, the city Administrator chose these colors to represent the city because they represent the colors of the public high school.

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