Rainy Day Toys, specializing in wooden toys and books for preschool children ages 1–4, is a small independent retail store in Madison, Wisconsin.

Rainy Day Toys, wanting to create an atmosphere of creativity, promotes imaginative play and storytelling.

Rainy Day Toys sent out a Request For Proposal seeking a media designer to develop a visual identity to bring the brand to life. They want to appeal to their target audience, differentiate from the competition, and follow their guiding attributes of creativity, uniqueness, authenticity, and enjoyment.

The following is my Brand Identity Proposal for Rainy Day Toys.
The wordmark is unmodified Filson Soft Bold and was chosen for its similarity to Zaner-Bloser, the font that is taught to children learning to write. The rounded font brings a minimalist and sophisticated youthfulness to the brand. 

I wanted to choose an icon to represent the brand that would reflect that Rainy Day Toys produces and sells wooden toys to children ages 1-4. An icon of an acorn, a symbol of youth and growth, was chosen to represent the brand because acorns are "baby trees" and come from the wood used to make the toys.

The logo is solid and bold, youthful and inviting. The logo is presented in two versions: one version is anchored in a rounded outlined square and the other is horizontal. Offering two versions of the logo provides Rainy Day Toys with flexibility in its use.

The customer and target audience of Rainy Day Toys associates natural colors with natural products they trust. This customer does not trust imported plastic products and artificial colors. For this reason, I have chosen the colors grass, sky, sun, mushroom, and berry to represent the brand. The colors can be combined in a multiple of ways offering the brand versatility and flexibility. These colors should be used within the store, all product packaging, customer communications, website, social media, and marketing materials.
Filson and Verveine were chosen to serve as the fonts of the brand because of their youthful appeal without being childish. I have chosen Adobe Typekit fonts to offer easy accessibility that can be used on the website and in computer software like the Microsoft Office Suite. This will allow any staff member to send branded communication to the customer while keeping with the visual standards of the brand.
To support the brand ideal of creativity, uniqueness, authenticity, and enjoyment and to appeal to the target customer while creating an atmosphere of creativity, I propose that Rainy Day Toys create The Little Acorns Club, a club for children ages 1-4. I also suggest the store create maker spaces, an outdoor classroom, and reading nooks within the store.
This is the Brand Vision Book for Rainy Day Toys.
The final brand proposal for Rainy Day Toys.
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