Jefferson County Animal Rescue is a foster based non-profit animal welfare organization located in rural Jefferson County, Georgia. Founded in 2017, the organization's mission is to improve the lives of cats and dogs by engaging the hearts, hands, and minds of the community. As a foster based animal welfare organization, Jefferson County Animal Rescue has a great need of foster parents and families to house the stray animals being cared for by the organization.


A 30 second promotional, sharable video was created to promote the foster program of the organization to meet the first immediate need and goal of the organization to gain new foster parents. The video begins with instant brand recognition of the logo, brand colors, and brand typography. The video utilizes a consistent theme and patterned copy of "Foster_____" and answers the question, "Why Foster?" Because the video features positive imagery and messaging of animals, a best practice in the animal welfare industry, the video can connect to the emotional need of the target audience. The audience can also connect emotionally with the upbeat music and "whistling at the dog" at the end of the video. Because the video presents the brand with a cohesive, consistent message and follows industry best practices, it will successfully promote the organization's foster program. The call to action at the end of the video prompts users to sign up to be a foster parent at the organization's website. Analytics will be tracked to measure the number of people who visit the website after viewing the video.

The video focuses on telling the story of being a foster parent and appeals to the emotional needs of the viewer by focusing on the bond between a human and his, or her, pet.

“Storytelling is the strongest tool in branding...and has the single biggest impact on your organization.”
-Julie Castle, 2015 Best Friends National Conference

The animated logo is five seconds in length and features the cat walking, the dog's tail wagging, and the dog's cape waving in the wind. The animated logo is accented with a human whistling and a cat meowing.

"An animated logo has better chances of connecting emotionally with your ideal target audience by contributing to the overall story behind your brand." -Brenda Barron, Envato

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