During the discovery phase, the project began with the creation of three different moodboards representing three different themes and musical genres for a fictional event to raise money for endangered sea turtles. The self-selected themes and musical genres chosen were boho acoustic, classical piano, and electronic dance.

The project proceeded in the exploration phase of development with a final moodboard for the electronic dance music theme and the "Club Loggerhead" fictional event was developed.

Next, a wireframe framework and hand drawn sketches of the proposed design of the website were created.

The project continued with the implementation phase of development with a prototype of the website. Because a parallax website enables brands to weave strong stories, it was decided this would be the most effective approach to reach the target audience.

Utilizing a parallax website allows for the narrative to be presented continuously without interruption. This leads the website user through the story of the event and ends with the call to action.

Here is a clip of the video that is embedded into "The Cause" section of the website. The video can be shared via social media to spread awareness of the event, organization, venue, and cause.

To spread awareness of the event, the organization, the venue, and the plight of sea turtles, it is suggested to the client to partner with the Miami Dade public school system for a partner-project.

School children will create sea turtle sculptures out of trash collected at the event. The sculptures will be displayed throughout the city of Miami.

Partnerships that involve philanthropic activity allow the target audience to connect with the brand in a meaningful way and gives ownership of the cause to the target audience. When people feel connected to a brand, they can become the voice of the brand.

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