Shortcakes Cupcake Bakery, located in Athens, Georgia, is a boutique bakery specializing in cupcakes for special events, weddings, and birthdays. As a new bakery, the business lacked an identity and did not have a brand strategy. Originally called, "Misty's Cupcakes," it was recommended to change the name to "Shortcakes" so that it creates a stronger brand, is more memorable, and differentiates the brand from the competition. Owner Misty Ledford wants a brand identity that appeals to a variety of customers. The Shortcakes brand is fun, sweet, quirky, simple, and appeals to a variety of customers. Shortcakes is differentiated from the local competition because Misty offers organic ingredients with vegan, paleo, Whole30, nut-free, grain-free and other specialized cupcakes without using artificial colors, preservatives, or additives. Shortcakes also differentiates from the competition because Misty offers delivery to the Athens, Georgia, area including the University of Georgia campus and UGA football game day tailgate parties. The brand identity and branding strategy will focus on the versatility of the brand---from corporate events, to formal weddings, to kid parties, to customers with special dietary needs, Shortcakes provides a unique service to a wide customer base.


The logo is simple, will be remembered by customers, is appropriate for the business, is versatile and looks great in any size, and is timeless because it utilizes classic principles of design.  The logo lockups are offered in three colorways for future identity of specific cupcake lines. For example, the aqua colorway will represent the vegan cupcake line. By offering the logo in different colorways, it allows for versatility and expansion of the brand.

The handwritten type offers the logo a bit of quirkiness and fun. The type was chosen to reflect the look of writing with icing on the top of a cupcake.The capitalized serif type, "CUPCAKE BAKERY," grounds the logo with balance and offers the logo a sense of sophistication and formality.

The logo's main icon's simplicity gives the logo personality and makes the logo memorable. By utilizing an icon of a cupcake, even though it's a predictable choice, the target audience can have instant recognition that Shortcakes is a cupcake business. Additional secondary icons utilize the same cupcake shape from the logo. This offers the brand cohesiveness across all of its assets, strengthening familiarity with its customer base. 

The brand's color palate is bright, cheerful, inviting, and fun. When used on packaging, employee uniforms, stationery, delivery vans, and within the storefront, customers will recognize the beloved brand anywhere. The main primary color for the brand, purple, will stand out against the competitions use of the color pink.
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